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5 Common Allergy Treatment Options For Children

Friday, August 11th, 2017

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For many people, allergy symptoms flare up when seasons change. Allergy sufferers want to enjoy the outdoors in any season, but their symptoms present a challenge. This can be especially difficult for children who love to play outside. Fortunately, there are several allergy treatment options for children that deal with environmental allergies. These treatments include allergen avoidance, nasal rinses, and antihistamines.

Minimizing exposure to allergens

Allergy symptoms can be triggered by many things. If you are not exposed to an allergen, you won’t have allergy symptoms caused by that trigger. When your kids are struggling with uncomfortable symptoms, you may want to lock them up inside where their allergy triggers cannot affect them. The good news is that you can minimize exposure without having to keep your kids indoors all of the time. Keep your car windows closed while driving to keep pollen out and tell your kids not to roll in the grass. You can also have them change clothes after playing outside. Try to avoid being outdoors on days with high pollen counts. It may be tough, but some symptoms are too uncomfortable to risk exposure to allergens.

Nasal rinses

Many people benefit from nasal rinses because they relieve cold and allergy symptoms. This treatment option removes the allergens that have been caught in your child’s nose. After being outside for a while, have your child do a quick nasal rinse when they come back in. Nasal rinses are rather simple and consist of a saline solution going through one side of the nose and out the other. You can purchase this product at most local drugstores.


Antihistamines work quickly and well for most children dealing with allergies. Benadryl is one commonly used, over-the-counter antihistamine that helps relieve symptoms. Talk with your child’s pediatrician to determine which antihistamine would work best as an allergy treatment for your child.

Nasal steroids

Some allergy symptoms are so bad that your child needs a daily medication to keep them under control. Nasal steroid sprays can help with a number of issues. These medicines are often more effective, but more expensive, than oral antihistamines. Side effects of nasal steroid use are rather minor, as some people have issues with drying out of the nasal passages. It is recommended you speak with a pediatrician to determine whether this allergy treatment is right for your child.

Eye drops

Some children suffer with itchy, watery eyes. Antihistamine eye drops can typically offer a great deal of relief from these allergy symptoms. Many options are available over the counter as well as from your child’s pediatrician. Unfortunately, eye drops may be difficult for young children to handle. If you are able to keep your child still, eye drops can be an effective allergy treatment option for you.

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