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Looking For A Pediatrician? Follow These 5 Tips!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

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Your child’s health is probably one of your biggest concerns as a parent. You put healthy food on the table, keep their clothes washed and ready, and try to teach them not to lick everything they come across. A large part of keeping your child healthy is finding the right pediatrician. Here are five tips you can use to find the best pediatrician for your child.

Ask people you know and trust

The people you know will be able to help you narrow down your choices. If you are new to an area and haven’t made any deep relationships yet, check online reviews and message boards for local pediatricians. You will want a pediatrician with a good reputation. Once you have found a physician you are interested in, you can start looking more into them.

The following are some simple questions you can ask each pediatrician. How long are the wait times for an appointment? Is this pediatrician part of a larger practice or do they practice on their own? If the pediatrician is part of a practice, will your child see the same doctor every time? Do other parents believe that this pediatrician takes the time to listen, understand, and explain things?

Be sure to check the location of the office as well. A long drive might outweigh other benefits. You should also check with your insurance company to verify that the pediatrician you are looking at is in your plan network.

Be ready for the first appointment

Sometimes, the best way to choose a pediatrician is to take your child in for an appointment. When you make the appointment, create a list of questions and concerns to bring along. If your child has known issues or a history of certain conditions, be ready to discuss them. If you have particular beliefs about healthcare, you need to make the pediatrician aware of them. The pediatrician should respect your wishes when it comes to personal beliefs.

If you have a spouse or partner, they should come for the first visit and meet the pediatrician as well. Both of you are raising your child, so you should both know their doctor. Make a note if you do not have a good feeling about any part of the visit, especially if an issue cannot be resolved.

Pay attention to how the pediatrician responds

Ideally, a pediatrician will listen to you, answer questions clearly, and demonstrate genuine concern for the health of your child. You are looking for a physician who will help you, but also make sure that your child is not over-treated. The best pediatricians give you a realistic reply to whatever concern brought your child to the office that day.

Sometimes, the issues are less urgent than they seem, so drastic measures aren’t necessary. At other times, proactive measures are the best response, and you may have extra follow-up visits to make sure the issue is nothing too serious. The best pediatricians will have the training and experience to determine which course of action your child needs.

Understand what happens before and after the appointment

Healthcare does not begin or end at the door of the exam room, so make time to look around when you arrive at the practice. How does the waiting area look? Are the staff members friendly and helpful? Ask them about after-hours care and hospital affiliations. Illness and injury seldom wait for regular office hours, and knowing how to handle emergencies ahead of time helps reduce the stress of those situations.

When you leave the office, double-check the instructions and medications to ensure you understand everything. If you have any more questions, call the office. If a nurse isn’t available, one should get back to you with more details.

Only expect the possible from your pediatrician and yourself

The best pediatricians not only know their own limits, but also respect yours. Even when parents mean the best, children sometimes won’t follow the wisdom they are given. Kids refuse to eat healthy food and often argue about taking medicine. Your pediatrician should offer you tips and guidelines for healthy upbringing and understand when your child acts out.

Choosing the best pediatrician in Amarillo, Texas

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