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What You Should Know Before Your Child’s Annual Sports Physical

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Pediatrics sports care and physicals in Amarillo, TX

More than 40 million kids participate in school sporting activities every year. If your child is involved with school athletic events, you want to be sure they are physically healthy enough to meet the challenges. The risk of injury will be higher during the practice workouts than during the actual games or competitions. Your child should get a sports physical before the season starts to make sure they are prepared from the beginning.

Why your child should have a sports physical

Soccer, basketball, and football report the highest number of sports-related injuries, but other activities actually share the same risks. No matter the type of sport or physical activity your child enrolls in, you should schedule a sports physical before training starts. Having a physical completed will alert you to any issues that could interfere with your child’s ability to compete or prepare for a physical event. Sports physicals are not a suggestion; they are required by most educational institutions, including high schools and colleges, before your child can participate.

What you should know and expect with a sports physical

At your child’s sports physical, the doctor will check their vitals, joints, and flexibility. Have your child attend the physical with comfortable clothing, so their movements are not restricted. You can also expect a short fitness assessment to determine whether or not any physical limits may affect your child’s performance as an athlete.

Some states ask that your child’s immunization record be presented at the time of the sports physical. Before the appointment, you should check whether or not you need to bring this documentation.

During the examination, your child’s vision will be tested and evaluated. If your son or daughter currently wears prescription glasses, it will be determined during the appointment if an adjustment is necessary to the prescription.

With a flexibility check, your child is tested to see if any areas could be prone to injury. The doctor will test your child’s joints, posture, strength, and flexibility. Any concerns with these tests could result in suggested exercises your child can perform to strengthen problem areas to make them less prone to injury.

During the fitness exam

A fitness examination will include checking your child’s ears, nose, throat, lungs, and heart. These tests will determine if any cardiovascular irregularities could restrict or limit your child’s physical activity. Should any issues arise from this part of the sports physical, it will be determined if restricted participation is possible. In some instance, it is deemed that a child cannot perform sports at any level.

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