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How To Choose The Right Pediatrician For Your Newborn

Friday, September 28th, 2018

when to take your baby to see a pediatrician in amarillo tx

Having a baby is an exciting yet challenging time. There are so many things to start thinking about and planning for before your baby is even born. From changes in your routine, to feeding and outside care, there are so many decisions to make before that day of arrival. One significant decision is choosing a pediatrician for your newborn. There are six well-baby checks to be scheduled during your child’s first year of life so choosing a good pediatrician is important. It only takes a little research to make the right choice.

When to begin looking for a pediatrician

Some parents choose a pediatrician before they become pregnant. Others do not think about this choice until after they have conceived. It is recommended that if you have not chosen a doctor before you’ve become pregnant, you should have one to care for your child before they are born.

Don’t wait until the eighth month of pregnancy to begin looking for a pediatrician. It is best to start your search before your fourth month. Pediatricians have busy schedules, and you want to ensure the one you choose can schedule your child’s visits. Giving yourself enough time to make a sound decision will get rid of the anxiety of last minute choices.

What kind of doctor should you look for?

Pediatricians have studied and practice healthcare that is focused around infants and children. They are specialists who will focus on your child’s health and have experience working with children and parents.

A family doctor or general practitioner is not a wrong choice, and some people feel more comfortable going to a doctor they are used to working with. If you choose your family doctor, you should make sure he or she is aware of all health issues of your entire family. This includes diseases that have occurred or any genetic problems.

Choose a doctor that you trust and feel comfortable with. One that has the experience and knowledge of working with and caring for children should be your first choice.

How to find the right pediatrician for your newborn

Many organizations will give you names of pediatricians they recommend for your child’s health. Hospitals are a good place to ask for referrals and insurance companies should be able to provide you with names to contact.

Another great source for referrals are other mothers. Mothers that have experience with pediatricians can give their feedback on the skill, knowledge, and level of care provided to their own children. Finding someone who shares your ideas on parenting and your outlook may be able to help you find the right doctor.

How you will know if the pediatrician?

You may look for different things in your child’s pediatrician than others would. To know whether or not you received good referrals, ask a few more questions than just who they would recommend. One good question is how their child responds during visits. If the doctor is patient and appears to enjoy taking care of young children, that’s a good sign.

Important facts to know are whether or not the pediatrician uses the latest medical advances and if he or she welcomes questions. You will also want to know if the office staff is pleasant and what the environment is like inside the doctor’s office. These questions can help you decide if it’s worth scheduling a personal visit to see for yourself. If you are getting more than one referral, these questions will also help you narrow your search in finding the right pediatrician.

Checking the referrals

Once you’ve gathered a list of potential pediatricians you want to see, you will want to stop by their offices. While doing this, make sure their hours and locations are convenient so you can easily make appointments.

When first meeting with the doctor, you will want to ensure they are connected to the hospital you use for medical care. Ask if they will come to the hospital when your child is born. You should also see if they are available to answer questions on the phone should you need medical advice.

Looking for an experienced pediatrician in Amarillo, Texas?

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