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When To Go To The Pediatrician For Your Child’s Rash

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

when you should see a pediatrician for your child's rash

If your child develops an itchy rash, you both become miserable. Your child will suffer from irritated skin they can’t make go away, and you will feel frustrated at not being able to comfort them. Scratching can spread the area wider, which makes the issue worse.

It is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of a rash. Rashes can appear from allergies, chickenpox, bug bites, plants, and even medical conditions. Knowing how to deal with your child’s outbreak will help handle their discomfort and stop their scratching.

What causes a rash?

The first thing to understand is the cause of the rash. Rashes will often appear as a result of your child’s skin coming into contact with something irritating. Plants like poison ivy instantly trigger a reaction and there are also chemicals that will cause a reaction when applied to the skin.

Certain illnesses will cause a rash reaction. Measles and chickenpox are common childhood diseases that result in severe rashes. You can reduce your child’s risk of developing these diseases with a vaccine. Check with your pediatrician to know the age your child should receive this vital medicine.

Bites from a creature known as the chigger can create large areas of itchy skin. The bites are not just irritated spots, but are areas where larvae have latched onto the skin to feed. If your child has been swimming in a damp area with chiggers, a rash can break out that creates intense itching. The bites from this mite can also become infected. There are other mites and insects whose bites leave itchy red rashes on the skin as well.

Allergies are another cause for breakouts to develop on your child’s skin. You may not even be aware your child is allergic to a substance until you see the outbreak. New medications, new foods, or even material items such as soaps or latex gloves can sometimes cause a rash.

How do you stop your child from scratching?

When your child begins to suffer from a rash, your first instinct is to find relief for them. No matter what caused the outbreak, you have to find a way to stop the itch and decrease the risk of it spreading.

You can help ease itching by washing the area with mild soap and patting it dry with a soft towel. Try to keep the space open and do not cover it with clothing or bandages. If you are having difficulty keeping your child from scratching the rash, you can lay a damp washcloth over it to give them some temporary relief. There may also be over-the-counter anti-itch medications that can help.

When should you seek medical attention?

It is often hard to know when a rash is severe enough to need medical attention. There are a few guidelines to help you such as if the outbreak is severe enough to keep your child from participating in their daily activities.

Other signs to watch for when deciding if you should seek your pediatrician’s help include your child being in pain or unable to sleep. If you notice the rash turning into more of a bruise or its color doesn’t fade after three days, your child may need medical help.

If the rash has developed after your child ate a new food or took a new medication, seek medical attention. The pediatrician will be able to see if it is an allergic reaction. You will want to stop giving your child a substance their body cannot handle. If there is a fever associated with the rash, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Pediatricians in Amarillo, Tx

These are guidelines to follow when your child develops a rash. You are the best judge of how serious an issue is affecting your child. If the rash is making them unusually miserable, a visit to your doctor can always be scheduled as a precaution.

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