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Pediatric Allergy Testing And Eczema: What You Should Know

Friday, March 6th, 2020

Many parents with children that suffer from eczema feel that an allergy test will provide them with some answers. The belief is that if they can find a cause for the flare-ups, they will be able to prevent them from occurring. However, pediatricians will tell you that not every child with eczema needs to go through allergy tests. Eczema is often related to food allergies, as tests have shown over 35% of young children with moderate to severe cases also suffer from food allergies. Scientists have still not ruled whether it is the food causing eczema or if eczema is causing the food allergy. The irritating itch your child suffers from with this skin condition will interrupt their sleep and cause redness and scaly rashes. Finding a cause for these symptoms can typically be done by visiting a pediatrician or dermatologist who can provide answers and relief for your child. The following are a few tips to help you decide if it is time for your child to receive allergy testing.

When to seek the advice of a pediatrician

There are a couple of signs you may notice with your child that should be referred to a pediatrician for advice. One of these signs is seeing a flare-up each time your child eats certain foods. Your pediatrician will be able to perform tests to see if your child has food allergies, so you will know which to remove from their diet. If you have already consulted a pediatrician and are following a plan for your child’s skin condition, but see no improvements, check with the doctor again. Even if you see a slight improvement after following the plan, you should still speak with your pediatrician about further recovery. There may be alternatives to the plan or adjustments that can be made to receive better results. Another symptom that should concern you is if your child is not showing any growth. Check with your pediatrician to see if the eczema is having an effect on the normal growth pattern your child should be experiencing.

When allergy testing is not necessary

One of the reasons allergy testing may not be necessary for your child is that removing only one thing from their diet won’t clear the condition. The best eczema treatment is to follow your child’s management plan. This plan should include finding the triggers, avoiding those triggers, using medication as prescribed, taking baths, and applying moisturizers. Unfortunately, it has not been proven that receiving an allergy shot will help eczema.

When allergy testing should be conducted

If you are noticing flare-ups each time your child eats a particular food, this is a good time to have testing done to check for food allergies. If your child is under five and suffering moderate to severe symptoms of eczema, test them for milk, peanut, egg, soy, and wheat allergies. Other common allergens that may cause eczema flare-ups are dog or cat dander, dry climates, wool, dust mites, certain soaps, pollen, and mold. Allergy testing will show if your child has any reactions to these items.

Will allergy testing help with eczema?

Eczema often causes children to suffer allergic reactions to certain things they touch, eat, and breathe. Allergy testing will identify the items that are causing your child’s body to react. When you identify the allergens, you will be better able to remove or reduce your child’s encounters with them. It will not cure your child, but it can help make life a little more comfortable. With allergy testing, you will be able to manage your child’s eczema. Pricking or blood tests can be used to test your child for skin, food, and environmental allergies. These tests allow the pediatrician to determine what your child is allergic to specifically, and give you advice on how to handle your child’s condition.

Get expert allergy testing and treatment for your child

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