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Expectant Mothers

First and foremost, Dr. Young and his staff would like to congratulate you for embarking on this new and wonderful journey!  Dr. Young and everyone here at the office look forward to meeting with you before your child is born. We offer a prenatal appointment for our new mothers which gives you the opportunity to meet Dr. Young along with his staff; you will be able to see our office and patient rooms, and ask any questions you may have about your upcoming birth.  New moms can call our office at (806) 354-0404 ext. 330 and ask to schedule a prenatal appointment.  
Dr. Young and his staff ask that you complete a Prenatal Questionnaire prior to your scheduled Prenatal visit with Dr. Young and his staff.  This document gives us a small review of the expected mother’s history, and plans/what to expect on delivery day.

You can click on the image below to view
the printable (.pdf) document.


Before coming to your appointment we also encourage you write down any questions you might want Dr. Young to answer for you during your visit. For your convenience, we have included a document for boys and one for girls below that you can download, print out, and use to write down your own questions and Dr. Young’s responses.

Just click on the images below to see 
the printable (.pdf) document