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Allergy Testing

Dr Young is pleased to offer two different allergy testing services done right in the office. We offer blood allergy testing in which only one blood sample must be obtained to identify allergies a host of allergens and foods. A new form of allergy testing and treatment can now allow families to give oral allergy treatments at home with only one needle stick for blood testing and two office visits per year. The use of patient specific allergy drops daily below the tongue is known as Sublingual Immunotherapy or SLIT. SLIT has been used throughout the world for 60 years and is now routinely used in Europe for the treatment of allergies.

Dr Young has also teamed up with United Allergy Services to provide allergen immunotherapy a form of treatment aimed at decreasing your sensitivity to substances called allergens. It involves introducing increasing amount of an allergen to a patient over several months. It creates a custom therapy specifically to address your unique symptoms and the cause of your allergy issues.

If you have any questions regarding allergy testing please contact our office at (806) 354-0404 ext. 330.

After Hour and Same Day Appointments

Dr. Young and his staff will work with you to accommodate your busy family schedules.  Dr. Young and his staff also understand that a child may go to bed feeling well and the next morning can awaken feeling ill.  It is days like this that we are just a phone call away!  We are happy to schedule your child for a same day appointment to receive treatment as soon as possible.

Weekend Clinics

Dr. Young and his staff are members of an on call group that rotate weekend shifts in order to provide the best care to every one of our patients.  Dr. Young provides dates and times for his on call shifts on his Facebook Page and also in his Latest News Tab.  The schedules change monthly so be sure to check the websites for the current schedule.

Hospital Privileges – Information for New Moms

Dr. Young has privileges at both Northwest Texas Hospital and Baptist Saint Anthony’s Hospital located in Amarillo, TX.  Both hospitals are within 5 minutes or less from our offices.  New mothers; Dr. Young attends all of the Cesarian Sections (C-Sections).  If you are a new mother and have a cesarian scheduled, or if you are a new mom looking for a Pediatrician in the Amarillo, TX area you can contact Dr. Young and his staff at (806) 354-0404 ext. 330 and we would be happy to schedule you in for a visit with Dr. Young.

Broken Bones, Burns, and Lacerations

Dr. Young and his staff do not shy away from broken bones, burns, and lacerations (cuts, gashes, deep scrapes).  Kids are full of life and we love that our lives are filled with kids! We understand that children can be accident prone and Dr. Young and his staff are prepared to suture, set bones, and/or tend to burns that your loved ones may have endured.  We understand the sense of urgency during these times, and just ask to please call to let us know that you will be coming in!  Also, please ask to speak to a nurse so that we may evaluate the situation beforehand and assess whether or not your child would require any additional, specific, or hospital required medical attention.

Immunizations – Vaccines

Dr. Young’s office has both Private and State issued immunizations.  Patient’s with private health insurance will have vaccines provided here at the office, as well as patient’s with no insurance or Medicare/Medicaid coverage.

Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Young has two very skilled and accomplished Nurse Practitioners working with him at his office in Amarillo.  Kim Anglin, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C and April Hunley, RN, FNP-BC are both mothers and can provide a more comfortable setting for those patient’s that prefer a female’s presence upon examination.  For more information regarding our Nurse Practitioners and for more information about Dr. Young, MD please visit our “About Us” tab and read all about their accomplishments within the field of medicine, as mothers and as father to their amazing children!